Free Marathon Entry!

Training 4 Autism - Cleveland Style


Where America comes together in a mad crazy to try to get the best deal on things a) we most likely don’t need b) are only trying to get because of the perceived “great deal” or c) participating in the tribal, cult like, game of bargain hunting.

Well while we are all running around – what better to offer up an opportunity to keep you running right on through APRIL 27th of 2014!

As an Ambassador for the Medical Mutual Full and Owens Corning Half GLASS CITY MARATHON in TOLEDO, OH. I have an opportunity for you to run the event of your choice for free!

Okay – I know you are all thinking a Full Marathon! I said the event of your choice!
• 5k
• Owens Corning Half Marathon
• Relay Marathon
• Medical Mutual Full Marathon

So what is the catch? I thought you would ask…

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