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Which Race to Run?

It’s that time of year.   Yes, of course it’s the Holiday season, but it’s also time to start thinking about which race(s) we are all planning to run this spring. 

 Believe it or not, it’s only 18 weeks until the Medical Mutual Glass City Marathon in Toledo, and if you are considering the full marathon, it’s time to ramp it up.   My local group has already started our training program.

 So, let’s review all of the races that Medical Mutual Glass City Marathon has to offer.


 The big daddy of the day, 26.2 miles, and the biggest commitment in terms of how much time is required in training.  I plan on running between 40 to 60 miles when training for a marathon, which depending on your pace, can be a good ten hours or more per week. 

 One interesting caveat, in 2012, Glass City was ranked one of the top 30 Boston Qualifying races, with nearly 17% of Marathoners qualifying to go to the big dance.  So, if you are looking for that perfect Boston Qualifier, give Glass City a try.

 Half Marathon

 This is a popular race and sells out quickly, if you are considering the Half Marathon, sign up early.


Not ready for the half or the full yet?  Jump in on the 5K and be a part of the day.  3.1 miles long and just perfect for those just getting into the running game, looking to set a PR, or just wanting to be a part of the day.

5-Person Marathon Relay

This can be a lot of fun.   Get the family, or the gang at the office, together and sign up for this one.  Each runner runs somewhere between 4.75 and 6.1 miles. 

A team of five runners will complete the entire marathon distance. Each runner will run one leg of varying distance handing off a runners belt containing your scoring chip to the next team member at each relay exchange zone. The course is the same as the marathon course. 

A runner who wants to be part of a relay team and the half marathon or marathon event may do so by acting as the first leg of the relay team and continuing on. The runner is also required to register for the individual event and the 5-Person Marathon Relay.Image

One last thing to keep in mind, prices for Medical Mutual Glass City Marathon go up on January 1st so pick your race and sign up today!