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It’s that time of year again, when we all make resolutions for the year to come.

Many of mine are the same, just hoping that I keep moving in the right direction J.

Below is a list of Americas’ most common New Year’s goals, according to a Harris poll.

1. Lose weight

2. Improve your finances

3. Exercise

4. Get a new job

5. Eat healthier

6. Manage stress better

7. Stop smoking

8. Improve a relationship

9. Stop procrastinating

10. Set aside time for yourself

Well, looking at all of these, I’m thinking that signing up for the Medical Mutual Glass City Marathon can just about cover all ten of them.

1.    Lose weight – running upwards of 50 miles a week will certainly help with that.

2.    Improve your finances – You will be sooo busy running and getting healthy that you won’t have time to spend money.

3.    Exercise – Nuff said!

4.    Get a new job – Maybe not this one!

5.    Eat healthier – Runners tend to eat better, or run so much that it doesn’t matter what they eat!

6.    Manage stress – The run makes all the problems of the world a little easier to deal with.

7.    Stop smoking – most runners don’t smoke, so why not commit to quitting, and sign up for one of the races.

8.    Improve a relationship – your better half will love your new found energy and new, lean physique.

9.    Stop procrastinating – JUST DO IT!

10. Set aside time for yourself – Nothing better than watching the sun rise as you run along.

So, there you go!  Sign up now, http://www.race360.com/marathon/races/detail.asp?eventid=12145

Rates go up on January 1st so make that commitment to yourself today and hit almost all ten of the most popular New Years Resolutions.

See you out there.