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So, Medical Mutual Glass City Marathon is proud to announce two more winners of the free entry.

First we have Jeffrey.

Jeffrey is a 38-year-old married father of 2 young boys living in a college town just South of Toledo.  He has a passion, which his wife calls an obsession, for running ever since his first marathon in 2010.  He has done a handful of marathons, but this will be his first time running Glass City.  He also ran alongside his wife in her first, and she says only, marathon last year and also loves running with his kids.  He will be running the Medical Mutual Glass City Marathon as well as participating in the relay this year under the team name “4 Dudes & A Dame” with the other members being his Dad, wife, and two sons.

Congrats Jeffrey, good luck and enjoy.

Our second winner was Renu.

Renu is a stay at home mom of 2 young children.  She lives in southeastern Michigan.  She has been running on and off most of her adult life.  She loves to run to stay fit and have fun.  Although she claims to be a slow runner, she really enjoys running a race or two each year to challenge herself.  She is looking to forward to Glass City on April 27th as it will be her first marathon!

Congrats Renu, good luck and enjoy.